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    Problems getting started with new NUC6i3SYH


      I have just taken delivery of a new NUC6i3SYH.

      I have added a 64GB SSD and a single 4GB memory stick.

      I have attached a USB mouse and keyboard and a HDMI monitor.

      I have added a Win 7 bootable memory stick.

      I observe the following symptoms:

      When I power on, I see the invitation to press F2, F7 or F10.

      If I press F2 for SETUP, nothing happens - the screen goes black. If I then press Alt/Ctrl/Del the system reboots.

      If I press F7 I get the identical symptoms.

      If I press F10 the system displays the boot options correctly: LAN or The SATA SSD Disk or The USB Memory stick

      If I select the memory stick (containing Win 7) it commences the installation of Windows 7 (windows is loading files......and then displays the first screen to select language, time/currency and keyboard.)

      BUT - the system is now hung. Nothing will work - keyboard, mouse or even alt/ctrl/del.

      Only solution is to hold down the power button for 10 seconds.


      These are very strange symptoms. Can't get into bios setup - yet it will boot quite a way into the Win 7 install.


      I would appreciate very much any suggestions on what diagnostic approach I might adopt.





      I have updated the BIOS to SY0045.bio and have also run Memtest without errors. Symptoms remain unchanged.


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