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    NUC5i3RYK won't power on after shut down


      Hi I'm a newbie to the group and after a bit of assistance.  I have 5 NUCi3RYK's being used as workstations in a Windoows 2008 Server domain.  They are runnnig Windows 10 and were installed and up and running since April with no issues.  I had an electrician in at the weekend doing portable appliance testing and so all devices were shut down including the server.  Everything has come back up except for one of the NUC's.  Power supply appears to be ok as it will power another one up no problem.  The device itself is warm to the touch but no Power LED or anything on the screen.  ANy ideas anyone?  I cdouldn't find any similar threads. I have the old windows 7 Desktop in place until I can resolve this or get it back to Intel under warranty.


      Thanks in advance