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    Intel 750 Series  PCIe or Regular SSD in Raid0-The best performance or an Issue?



      I work with several photos in Raw format (D800) using Lightroom. When i put the photos in Intel SSD and begin work edition, the Lightroom is much more slow to render the photos. When i put the photos in a simply Raid 0 SSD Kingston, the lightroom works extremely fast rendering the photos. My base set up is i7 6950x, Rampage V Extreme, Gskill Trident Z 3000 (4x8GB), Asus 1080 Strix. The Windows 10 is allocated in a Samsung 950 Pro. Anybody knows a solution? The Intel 750 has the latest firmware, is connected in the 3th PCI slot and the Cristal Disk Shows: 2334/998 Read an Write to Intel and just 995/336 to Raid 0... Thanks a lot