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    Most efficient way to find latest driver for a particular chipset (and other intel devices in general)


      I'm off to visit my parents tomorrow to do a fresh OS install on an old HTPC they have.

      I have the details of the hardware (something i built a while ago).


      I'd like to download the latest driver for the chipset, but as with many other driver searches the download center isn't doing a great deal to track down the correct driver.


      The chipset is a H67 Express.


      If i search the download center for "H67" and narrow to 'drivers' and 'Windows 7 x64' i'd expect to see the latest stable driver right at the top of the list, but i get a LAN driver instead.

      It's not until the 9th result that there is a driver and it's from 2013 and marked "Previously released" instead of "Latest"


      Please consider overhauling your drivers search.


      In the meantime can i get some advice on where i might find the driver i'm after?