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    I7 980X vs i7-4790K


      Is i7-4790K better than the i7980X for using in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with Cubase? I'm finding it not as good. Perhaps there is something wrong with my system. It's a new custom build. Some of my synths break up and have latency issues (even with maximum the buffer set to maximum latency). Looking on the internet forums they say that the i7-4790K better than the i7980X. On eBay systems with i7-4790K/ Z97 Asus motherboards are sold as top of the range professional DAW systems. The Intel Diagnostics tool finds nothing wrong with my i7-4790K. I'm putting Cubase on another hard drive now which will be dedicated to Cubase only, so there will be no other software on it, except for Windows 10. I'm hoping that will sort it out. I have the Steinberg UR44 sound card which was okay in my old set up with the i7980X. I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. Thank you.

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          Al Hill

          Comparing the two processors, ARK | Compare Intel® Products , it is hard to imagine that the i7-4790k would have a problem, and that a 1st gen would perform better than a 4th gen processor.


          Since they are different sockets, I would take a look at the motherboard you are using and make certain that the bios is updated, specifically since you are using a Haswell refresh processor.  I would also check with ASUS regarding this issue.


          Also, were you using the UR44 in the new configuration?  Perhaps an incompatibility with the new motherboard?


          Just guessing.



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            I have the Asus Z97-A motherboard. According to PP at Asus (YouTube instruction videos) it is always worth checking the pins on a new motherboard, but I didn't do that, unfortunately, as I only watched the video yesterday. Anyway, the CPU passed the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool okay so I would assume the motherboard is okay.


            Thank you for your answer, which is the answer I wanted. I shall get onto Asus and go on the Cubase forums, but I'm hoping it will be okay on my second hard drive which I'm setting up as a DAW only system. If that doesn't work I'm hoping Asus will check out my board for me.


            Many thanks.