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    DX58SO RAM Issue


      I have a DX58SO motherboard that I have been running 12G of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 Mhz in a triple channel configuration. This had been up and running for nearly a year. This weekend, I took the system apart to changed out the cpu cooler. Now that I have reassembled, it refuses to POST with all three RAM modules installed; it gives 3 error beeps at startup which indicates a RAM error. It will POST just fine with two modules installed in the dual channel configuration. I have swapped out modules and all 3 will work in dual channel but it will not POST with any of the 3 in Channel A. As per the user manual, I am populating all 3 BLUE RAM slots for triple channel and the furthest from the CPU 2 BLUE slots for dual channel. Did my Channel A just crap out or is there something I am missing?