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    1080p output on a UHD screen with Intel Graphics (June 2016)


      I have a new problem; after connecting UHD TV on my Intel Graphics 5100 Iris box; it seems like the output will always be 3840x2160 regardless what resolution I select. Sometimes I mange to get 1080p, but after changing refresh rate or resolution again it always ends up with selected resolution (for example 1920x1080) upscaled to display resolution (3840x2160).


      I often also get black screen when selecting a resolution. Problem for me is that computer runs HDMI 1.4a; which of course is limited to 30Hz in UHD. While HD-resolution should be supported up to 60Hz. My solution for this has been to connect a EDID-box, telling the PC that my TV is HD. Then I get 1920x1080 in 24-60Hz. But still the computer scales image to the "new" screen resolution indicated by the EDID box.


      I would like to get via HDMI 1.4a output:

      3840x2160 in 24-30Hz

      1920x1080 in 24-60Hz

      1280x720 in 24-60Hz.


      Why is this impossible? This issue seems to be new with Windows 10. If I remember correctly the output from same computer gave 720p out to screen when selecting this; not 720p upscaled to 1080p.