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    Intel Management and Security Application LMS services log file growing uncontrolled.


      For the last month I have been trying to figure out why my system partition keeps filling up on my Windows 10 system. I have found the culprit, but can't find any information to prevent it from growing uncontrolled. The file is located at %systemroot%\sysWOW64\gms.log. Because I cannot find how to configure the log file to grow to a set size and truncate, I have to stop the Intel(R) Management and Security Application Local Management Service, delete the file, then restart the service.


      I don't have Intel AMT configured as of yet, because we are new to it and are trying to figure out how to safely use it without causing a compromise of the system. However, we cannot have systems filling up the system partition causing the system to run extremely slow, or not at all.


      If anyone has any information on this issue, or knows where I can find configuration information to prevent this from happening in the future, I would greatly appreciate the help.