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    Intel dual band wireless-ac 8260 ping/spikes/request timed out




      I've recently bought a Lenovo Y700-15 laptop, with Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 in it, and since beginning, i have a lot of wireless connection issues.


      I've tried many settings, reinstalling drivers, updating them (i have latest version), and nothing really works.


      The problem is, that whenever im trying to do something, like using internet, playing online games, watching videos, a connection between me and router is becoming unstable. And by that i mean frequent in-game disconnects, freezing website loading, high ingame latency (even 10k ms). Pinging router without doing antything is fine - it stays at 1-4ms, but when im playing/watching/whatever, it jumps to 400-1000ms, with request time out errors sometimes.  Only i have a problem like that - there's a console in my house, second laptop, and none of them has a problem. Even on my old laptop i didn't had that problem, so it must be a problem with a wireless card.


      What i've tried so far:

      1. Reinstalling drivers/uninstalling them/updating to latest version;

      2. Wireless card is on maximum performance in power-saving settings;

      3. Tried diffrent connections like a/b/g;

      4. Tried diffrent settings, diffrent channels;


      Because i've tried everything that google had to tell me, and it's still not working, and i can't figure it out by myself, im asking here, and i'll be glad if you can help me solve that.