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    Cannot use PC as Bluetooth headset for smartphone. Win 10.



      I can pair devices successfully and even transfer files back and forth using "send over Bluetooth" feature.

      What i cannot do is to answer calls using headphones with microphone, plugged into notebook.

      I had that working with my previous HP notebook, with BroadCom BT chip, so it hardly a phone issue.

      Also i could play music on my mobile and it was playing over BT to HP notebook headphones too.

      I suspect that it is a hardware or drivers issue or lack of feature of built into notebook Intel's BT adapter, but i need a confirmation or help to get it working.

      Before you suggest that, i did look into "Services" tab of Phone's properties, and there is COM-ports only.

      When i check it on the previous notebook, there is much more services like ".. Audio gateway" and some similar.



      I have freshly installed Windows 10 (Clean install) and recent Intel's BT driver. I've also tried with MS installed stock driver and with MSI provided driver - no difference.


      BT Model: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165

      Driver Version: Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R) , 19.00.1621.3340

      Windows 10 Pro, up-to-date.