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    Using the Intel Edison to send data to an Android app with BLE?




      I found here some sample code how to read bluetooth data in an Android app that is being received, but I need to be able to send some data through my Edison module. For instance, how would I send a "signal" to my Android app, maybe a JSON file or just string that is JSON?


      The goal is to let the Edison module discover bluetooth sensors/beacons (iBeacons/Eddystone) and then report this to the Android app. I have successfully paired the devices (Edison runs Yocto and it has BlueZ so I used the command "bluetoothctl") but I am not sure how I should send data. I know I can use OBEX or maybe SPP as a profile, but then how do I send the data through the profile from the Edison module to the Android app? Do I need to use RFCOMM sockets (this had some information regarding it)?


      I have looked at these guides but none tell how to actually send data:

      IoT - Connecting the Intel® Edison board to your Android* Phone with Serial Port Profile (SPP) | Intel® Software

      Send Data From Edison to Android App?

      IoT - Intel® Edison Board Getting Started with Bluetooth* | Intel® Software


      This guide though did tell me how to send some data using the Grove starter kit, but I could not get it to work as all the values were hard coded for this network card. Maybe it would work if I can get the right values for the Edison.


      All information is highly appreciated! Thanks.