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    535 240gb SSD doesn't show in BIOS, was working for months till recently, now weird trick allows me to get BIOS to see it




      I have a Intel 535 240gb SSD that was working perfectly with my Gigabyte P55A-UD4 rev2.0 motherboard till recently.


      I think a drive firmware update made it so the drive no longer shows in the bios.


      I’ve tested with different cables and ports on the motherboard - nothing works, although the drive works perfectly on another PC at my house and passes the full test in the toolbox.


      This may be related to the Device Sleep DEVSLP issue possibly (addressed in firmware update tool FUT 2.0.14).


      If I boot to the firmware update tool (latest version 2.1.3) it shows no drive (similar to the bios), but if I disconnect and replug the sata power on the drive while the tool is open it shows the drive perfectly all of a sudden.


      If I click shutdown but quickly press ctrl-alt-del to soft reboot before it powers off, I can then boot into windows and the drive works perfectly unless I let the PC go to sleep or restart (proving the sata port/cable is fine, just this sequence of events puts the drive in a mode that is useable).


      Is it possible for me to downgrade my firmware to a version that will work? (without DEVLP potentially?) FUT 2.0.14 wouldn’t let me downgrade the firmware.


      Hopefully this doesn't affect too many people, but could be quite a serious bug for those that it does affect - obviously an issue with this drive firmware, as I haven't updated my BIOS for a year.