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    Skylake i3 and i5 CPU's


      im planning on building a new PC and noticed that the skylake i3 6320 and the skylake i5 6600k both use memory types DDR4-1866/2133 .... yet the

      GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 EU DDR4 ATX Motherboard i plan on using will support up to 3000MHz. i would like to know why intel doesn't support these speeds?? i do know both cpu's can support 64Gb ddr4 ram max


      i plan on using corsair ddr4 either 2400MHz or 2666MHz. would this speed be fine?? thanks for any help



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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello, StormChaser:

          The RAM noted in our website as compatible has been tested and we know that RAM within those specs/speeds will work fine with the processors mentioned.

          Now, using RAM higher in speed can force the memory controller inside the CPU to work with RAM out of its specs, which can affect performance or even damage the processor itself. For that reason, I positively encourage you to use RAM within the specs noted at ark.intel.com for the Intel® Core™ i5-6600K Processor (DDR4-1866/2133) and Intel® Core™ i3-6320 Processor (DDR4-1866/2133).

          If any further inquiries about this or other matter are present, feel free to let us know.

          Best regards,
          Esteban C.

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            hello Esteban C


            thank you for your reply. has intel never thought of working with even higher ram speeds when creating CPUs? even like 2666Mhz. also can you overclock the i5 6600k with the ram specs you mentioned? thanks



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              Intel Corporation
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              Sure no problem StormChaser


              I have heard about people using higher speed RAM with Intel CPUs and they work fine, but still there is room for a possible failure or performance compromise.


              Intel does not positively encourage users to OC unlocked CPUs, for that matter, to get the best set up information and opinions, I recommend you to check forums about OC that can guide you in the correct path, please make sure you use a good cooling solution.


              Hope you can get this new rig configured as desired :)


              Any further inquiries, please let us know.


              Thank you,
              Esteban C