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    I'm a Cyber Security student that's wanting to build my first machine.


      Currently using a Dual Quad core processor that's barely hold it's own! (A 13 y.o Gateway). As a student, I'm needing to run multiple Virtual Machines among other things!  running


      Windows Server 2012, Centos OS7, My SQL....... I'm currently looking at the I7-6700 4.0 Quad core. I will be doing some gaming((Virtual reality) , however most will be Cyber Security.


      My concern is that its over kill. To steal a line from TOP GUN! I'm feeling the need for speed! But! My budget is important is as well! My concern is to not build a computer, that already


      headed for the obsolete shelf. I do plan on overclocking the processor I get. Im looking at 64 GB of RAM. My motherboard, I am looking at is Gigabyte GA-Z170X LGA 1151, I'm also


      wanting a M.2 500 GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD. What other processors will  do what I'm looking for?