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    core i7 4790k CPU fan strange behavior


      Hello, I just assembled a computer with MSI z97 gaming 5 and 4790K. Upon powering it on, I noticed that the CPU fan doesn't start spinning properly, instead it has this pattern:

      Tries to start spinning (doesn't actually spin, just attempts to) > Stops completely > Tries spinning again > Stops completely > Start spinning


      I never witnessed such behavior from any computer I built in the past for my self. Is this normal with this board?

      I also would like to mention that 2 of the CPU socket pins are slightly bent but everything works normally.


      Things I have tried so far:

      Down-dated/Updated BIOS

      Changed CPU Fan Header Connector



      EDIT: I found a video on youtube that showcases what I am experiencing

      Intel Haswell LGA 1150 (Socket H3) Stock Cooler Noise Test - YouTube