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      OK>  This is such an old and continuous problem, I dont really know if this will be fixed at all.


      No hdmi audio on Intel Graphics 4600 + core i7 4700MQ - Toshiba Satellite p75-a7100.  VIDEO IS FINE.


      1. DONT ask me to try the latest drivers.  I have tried for 10 days and 2-3 hours a day with every possible combination of drive.


      2. DONT send me to Toshiba support site or Intel download center.  EVERY available driver for 4600 + core i7 4700 I have tried.  NOTHING.


      Some observations:


      1.  Intel Display Audio NEVER gets installed.  Sometimes, nothing shows up in Device Manager.  Sometimes Intel Widi Audio gets installed.

      ** Why is Intel Widi Audio getting installed in place of Intel Display audio.  Uninstalling Widi and deleting the drivers makes no difference.


      2.  When I COMPLETELY uninstall Intel HD Graphics 4600, I get a HDMI in my sound playback devices.  BUT this HDMI never connects even video or audio.  The driver is  a Microsoft driver.


      3.  When I install ANY Intel 4600 driver, this HDMI disappears.  NO INTEL DISPLAY AUDIO shows up in Device manager.. 


      4.  MANUALLY TRYING TO INSTALL INTEL DISPLAY AUDIO FROM DEVICE MANAGER - AFTER CHOOSING THE FOLDER AND THE .INF THE DRIVER SELECTION SCREEN IS BLANK.  NOTHING SHOWS UP - the inf has the correct descriptions for the Intel device, but nothing shows in the selection screen.


      5.  During installation, SOMETIMES Intel Display Audio does show up, but it quickly vanishes.  Sometimes Intel Widi Audio gets installed, and other times nothing is installed.


      6. Restarting, uninstalling, etc. etc does absolutely nothing.


      HOW LONG DOES INTEL THINK THIS S#$t CAN GO ON!!   Dont you guys have more intelligence?  Do you need someone to hack this for you?