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    Windows 10 64bit Home(July 28, 2016) unloads Intel HD 4000(May 13, 2016) graphics driver telling that their(Microsoft)basic driver is newer than that of the Intel.


      I do have a Dell 14r 5420 laptop. I upgraded my Windows 7 to Windows 10 last July 28, 2016. The problem is the built-in basic graphics card driver of Microsoft is always been being the one to be loaded, not the Intel HD 4000. Whenever I will install Intel HD 4000 driver, there is always the occurence of error messages  saying that "the driver does not support this machine?" But I think this is wrong because according the driver for this laptop, that can be found in your website, it  is dated May 13, 2016(64 bit Win64_153343.4425.zip).


      I think the Windows 10 64bit Home Basic Edition(July 28, 2016 update) sees your May 13, 2016 Intel HD 4000 as an old driver that's why it keeps loading the Microsoft Basic Video Adapter(which I find irritating due to pixelation of some higher graphics.).


      Thank you very much for the reply and support.