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    NUC6I7KYK (Skull Canyon NUC): Occasional Dropout of Dolby Digital (AC3) over HDMI


      A quick update and request for help from Intel staff: there is still a minor issue that exists when bitstreaming audio. I was hoping a graphics driver update might fix it, but it has remained a problem since the other audio major problem over HDMI was fixed in early June. If the video I watch uses Dolby Digital, it typically cuts out every 20 to 30 minutes for just a second or two. This happens just with Dolby Digital on both Blu-ray and DVD formats in the latest version of Kodi, v16.1. I do not experience audio drop-outs with any other audio format (e.g. PCM, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-MA). This is not a problem with my older NUCs (e.g. NUC5i7RYH and earlier). For reference, my receiver is a Denon AVR-S910W.

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