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    Secure Boot PK Key change with S2600CWTR?



      i try to install my own Secure Boot PK Cert but dont can find an way to remove the

      pre installed. So Secure Boot runs in User Mode and i cant get in Setup Mode.


      Is there a way to remove the PK key oder get Secure Boot into Setup Mode?


      What i found is that some Intel Boards have the Bios Menu entry to set Secure Boot Mode to Custome but this dont.

      With Keytools i dont can remove the installed PK without an auth file that i dont have.

      And can i even prove that this PK is really from Intel?


      Used last Updates:

      BIOS ID : SE5C610.86B.01.01.0016.033120161139

      BMC FW Rev : 1.43.9685

      Boot FW Rev : 1.07

      SDR Package Version : SDR Package 1.13

      Mgmt Engine (ME) FW Rev :


      Product Name :    S2600CWR

      Part/Model Number : H12882-260


      On Board Installed: TPM AXXTPME5 (but not active)


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