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    Intel edison with cloud inerfacing




      I have come one more Doubt.

      I thankful to whatever doubt I used to get.

      Now I want to transfer the Edison data from here to cloud.

      I have gone to links which is mentioned here Intel® IoT Platforms: Getting Started: Cloud Analytics | Intel® Software  . I have gone through this links .but I cant  able to distinguish how come the data can be sent from Intel Edison to Cloud without "Interfering  the internet".

      I have studied then I got to know Iot agent does  acts as gateway.


      now I am doing that I am sending My Edison sensor data to Mobile application(mobile and Intel Edison is on same network).

      Now the data from mobile application(APP) should transfer to IOT analytics dash board.

      From there any person can read it by logging the webpage of Dashboard.

      am I right till here?? if not please correct me.

      now my queries are

      1) How to receive data from  android app and transmit to dash board.?

      2)what should be do in order to Design "dashboard" I have already logged in?



      please tell me how can I send data from mobile app to dashboard.

      I think it will be in (HTTP) protocol but how does it do??

      please give me clear picture of it..

      I am confused