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    Intel Graphics and Sysprep


      Every once in a while I will come across a graphics driver package from intel that when syspreping a machine, even with the PersistAllDeviceInstalls set to true, the driver will uninstall and be left with standard vga graphics.


      Does anyone have a fix for this. Right now I am trying to roll and image for a DH55TC motherboard, and after syspreping the driver uninstalls. I can't have this when the customer runs Out of Box Experience. In the past, after a few months, intel released a new driver package and it will work fine without any intervention. I can't wait that long.


      Anyone have any ideas?

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          We are experiencing the exact same issue with two different notebooks from two different vendors (both with Intel video adapters). Did you ever get a response or resolution to this issue (other than the driver update) ?