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    Intel HD 520 Windows 10 crashes on battery


      I've recently bought a laptop (24th of July), an Asus Notebook P2530UA-DM0050E to be exact. It came with an Intel 520 HD graphics chip on it; and it generally runs fine.. well, as long as it's hooked to a power supply. No crashes, no flickering; nothing. However, when I run it off battery it'll show a black screen after a certain period, varying between 5 to 30 minutes. It doesn't really matter what I use, whether it's Visual Studio Code, Firefox or Chrome, it'll happen eventually.


      I've tried every driver available, both the beta and official ones; but no changes. I will say something though, before I decided to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I never had any problems. It ran fine on Windows 7, never had any issues; ever.


      So this is a bit of a peculiar problem and I think we can conclude that this isn't a hardware problem, but a driver problem.


      I'm happy to run every test needed to solve this problem, so please let me know what you need from me.