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    BIOS Flasher Bugs


      Before I depart this forum, here are 2 bugs that the NUC Windows flasher (e.g. NUC6, NUC5, etc.) has still not addressed:


      1. SecureBoot: if enabled, the Windows BIOS flasher will happily reboot, nothing will happen (since SB is on and Intel's flasher does not engage) then on Windows will happily announce "your BIOS has been updated" when nothing of the sort has happened. Can the developers please:


      a.1. Check SB is enabled and warn user BIOS cannot be updated if SB is enabled or

      a.2 Temporarily disable SB, flash then re-enable.

      b. Check BIOS version has *changed* after flash before happily announce success?


      2. BitLocker/MeasuredBoot: if enabled, depending on what has changed in the BIOS update - the TPM keys may become invalidated requiring a recovery key (since BIOS modules may have changed). If you check OEM flashers (Lenovo, Dell, etc.) they actually do check if BL is enabled, suspend it, and then reboot/flash BIOS - or at least warn. So can the developers please:


      a.1. Check BL is enabled and temporarily suspend it before reboot to flash or

      a.2. Warn user to suspend BL before BIOS update

      b. Check BL is re-enabled after flash.


      It would be great if the NUC team could address these. Thanks.