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    Regarding the LPS22HB modification on intel edison


      Hi everyone,

                              I'm using 3.10.98 image on Intel edison arduino board and I want to integrate the sensor on Intel edison Arduino expansion board. I have the driver code of LPS22HB nano pressure sensor i,e just API from st.com.I read the datasheet of st.com.Understood the logic from the API given from st.com but the code which st.com is given for hal-nucleo board(STM32 nucleo board).When I tried to compile the board I'm getting the errors as hal read and write registers are not compatible.Although they are known errors as we are trying for edison board,I'm not knowing how to start writing the code from the given code and where should I modify the code for the given code from st.com.I'm trying to get the output from console not an IDE.

                              The pdf of datasheet and the code which st.com have given is pinned below.Can you please help me out of this problem of changing the code from STM32 board to intel edison board ,atleast the ways to approach the problem.Even the little help is appreciated.A big thanks to those who help me out of this problem.



      Thanks and Regards,