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    DC53427HYE won't power on after power fail


      I've seen similar threads, but haven't found one that solves the problem for me.

      My NUC has been running for about a year without being shut down; after a recent power failure, the UPS ran dead and shut the OS down un-gracefully.

      After the power came back, the NUC would not boot - the power light (and USB devices, if attached) would flash briefly about every 5 seconds.   The fan does not even hint at spinning up.


      I've tried:

      Removing power - same symptoms.

      Removing drive and memory - same symptoms

      Disconnecting the CMOS battery, waiting a couple minutes and reconnecting - when power is restored, the power button remains lit until you touch it, then it goes back to the every 5 seconds flash

      Moving the BIOS jumper (assuming I have the right one, there is only one jumper on the board) & resetting the CMOS battery - same symptoms as just resetting the battery.

      Removing power for several hours

      Plugging in, then waiting several hours


      Is there anything else to try?


      I'm presently shopping for a non-NUC solution to replace this unit, but I'd rather get it working, as it drives my home automation and internal DNS, and I need to get something up and running ASAP.


      Back when it was working, it was running Fedora.

      Drive Crucial M500

      RAM  8GB DDR3 1.35v

      Again, absolutely no difference with the RAM and drive removed.