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    Intel Driver Update Utility crashes


      Hi everyone,


      I am trying to update the drivers on my computer as a program I am trying to use (DragonFrame stop-motion) says that they have to be updated to use it. I have tried the Intel Driver Update Utility but whenever I try to start it this happens:

      Intel Driver Update Utitlity Error.png

      I have also tried manually downloading some drivers from this page, under the Intel® HD Graphics for Intel® Core™ Processors:


      I tried the .exe versions, but they all gave me this error:

      Driver Install Error.png


      I also tried downloading some drivers from the Lenovo website:


      But all of them are dated before I even bought the computer, and when I installed them it didn't fix the problem.


      I am not exactly sure what to try next. I have seen some people saying on this forum that you can try manually installing drivers, if you get the .zip files instead of the .exe files. Would that be a good idea? If not, does anyone know how I might fix the Intel Driver Update Utility problem? Please let me know, thanks.


      Here is some information about the computer:

      Lenovo g560

      Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

      Intel Core i3 M380

      4.00 GB RAM

      Intel HD Graphics


      And also attached are a bunch of files that this thread talked about:

      IMPORTANT - Required information for reporting Graphics issues

      Don't know if those are helpful or not... Thanks.