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    Intel 330 120GB No Longer Detected After Cloning


      This is another drive that I have besides newer Intel 535. I decided to use it in another laptop that has currently Windows 7 on it. Using external USB 2.0/SATA adapter I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 while they allow it for free and before upgading I cloned current data from HDD on laptop to Intel 330 to make sure if Windows 10 upgrade gets screwed, I still have SSD with data to prevent downtime. After upgrade went successfully I decided that I should clone HDD again and this time it will be final so I can start using Windows 10 on SSD. I left cloning process on and went to sleep and after getting back I saw the process completed successfully but drive letter was not there and Intel SSD Toolbox and CrystalDiskInfo did only see HDD. I pulled out HDD from laptop's motherboard SATA internal slot and plugged SSD to increase chances of successful detection. Tried booting Intel Migration boot CD-ROM and it did not detect SSD.


      I am out of ideas. How do I proceed from here?