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    Any advantages in newer Intel Southbridge for SSD and/or RAID


      I currently have an Intel MoBo...975X with ICH7R.  I also have another machine with a P35/ICH9R.  I am considering getting a P45/ICH10R MB for a few reasons..none of which are critical.  The main driving factor, in addition to additional SATA ports on the board, is the hope that ICH10R is going to be faster for my new SSD and for doing some RAID setups (0 and possibly 1+0).  Can anyone tell me if I'm going to see significant performance gains from this move?  I have two CPU's E8400 and E6600.  I wasn't planning on upgrading to the new series as I don't do any gaming or intense app work...so the system is usually fine for what I want to do.  I mainly would like faster HDD I/O (On the OS drive) and faster sequential read/writes on the RAID volumes.


      I looked for benchmark comparisons of the various Intel southbridges...but didn't find any.  I'm going to cross post this over at the Intel forums as well.


      Thanks for your help?