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    Display corruption with Intel 530 and Sharp TV LC60LE835U


      I upgraded my HTPC last friday . I'm having several problems with the graphics with my Sharp TV .


      1) There is display corruption all over - like digital snow, white or red, and Windows not repainting. properlyThis is intermittent. When it does happen, it won't go away even after a reboot. It can happen as early as during the Windows boot process before even logging in, or later on. I have not found a trigger for it. It is extremely annoying. It was very bad on the first day, last friday. Did not happen at all on saturday. Then it happened again on monday ...

      2) not really a "problem" per-se, but I notice that in the TV's input menu, the "HDMI2" input to which the PC is connected is renamed to "9xxx" . This happens only after Windows boots up - when the PC first comes up with the BIOS screen, it shows as "HDMI2"


      I am using Windows 10, July 2016 update, with latest patches from Microsoft.

      I am using the latest Intel graphics 530 video release drivers (clicked support, and downloaded them) and unfortunately, they didn't fix it.

      I am using 1920x1080 @ 60 Hz, 2D mode. The TV is a 3D TV, but I run the desktop in 2D.


      The TV has the latest firmware. This is a 4-year old TV, so I don't expect any more updates from Sharp.


      If I revert to using my older graphics card, an Asus GT630 PCI-E 2.0 x8, everything is fine - none of the above problems occur. But I don't want to use that card anymore. I bought the new motherboard so I could use the built-in graphics card.


      The brand new hardware I have is as follows :

      - Asus Z170-A motherboard with latest 1801 BIOS

      - Corsair LPX DDR4-2666 2x8GB (16GB total)

      - Intel i5-6400 CPU with stock cooler

      - Patriot Ignite 240GB SSD


      Other relevant hardware in this machine :

      - Hauppauge HVR-2250 PCI-E video capture card

      - LG BD-ROM drive

      - Themaltake DH101 case

      - Iogear GKM 561R USB wireless keyboard/mouse


      I have tested the RAM with memtest , and it passed several passes (8 hours).

      Also tried downclocking it do DDR4-2133, but it did not solve the graphics corruption when I was seeing it.

      One hour of Prime95 found no problems, and I think the CPU is good. The CPU is running at stock clock, not OC.


      At this point, I'm out of ideas. I suspect either a defective motherboard, or some software compatibility problem between the Intel 530 graphics and my TV.


      I do have another Skylake machine in the house - with a very similar motherboard, a Z170-AR, and i5-6600k CPU. It is on a different floor of the house and somewhat heavy. I may try to move it upstairs and hook it up to the TV to see if those problems occur too.


      But in the meantime, I would really appreciate feedback from Intel. Is this any kind of known issue ? And if so, is a software fix forthcoming ?

      Or should I return my motherboard to the store ? It is a pain to disconnect everything and get another mobo. The store where I bought it from doesn't have a liberal return policy either, unfortunately. So, I thought I would check here first.

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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          Hi madbrain,
          Let’s try to solve the issue. I noted there is a newer BIOS version 1902 at Asus website. Additionally, make sure you have the latest graphics driver 4474 and latest Chipset and Management Engine
          Also, test your system with a different straight video cable.
          Asus website:
          Intel® Beta Graphics Driver
          It is a good idea to run PC Diagnostics Utility V1.4.3 from Asus. The application will tell you if there is anything missing in your system.
          I will be waiting your results.
          Mike C

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            Hi Mike,

            Thanks for your reply. Looks like the BIOS 1902 was just released by Asus 2 days ago. I just updated the board.

            I also installed the 4474 beta driver.

            I already had the Chipset driver installed.

            As for the Management engine , I was running version - not sure where I got the update from, may have been a Windows 10 automatic update.I also tried a different HDMI cable, and connected it to a different input of the TV.


            Unfortunately, both problems are still present even after doing all those changes.

            I have attached a photo of what the corruption looks like when it occurs :


            I ran the Asus PC Diagnostics as well. No errors were found during any of the automatic tests. I ran a few of the manual tests, including video and monitor, and saw no problems.


            While the display corruption happens randomly, I can trigger it usually pretty reliably during just a few minutes of opening and closing windows in control panel.

            When it happened, I also saw the screen freeze completely and a message that the Intel HD graphics driver had stopped and restarted, multiple times.


            While most of the problems I have seen are with graphics, I have seen a few issues not directly related to graphics, like the Windows taskbar not coming up when moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen (it's set to auto-hide) and the machine occasionally asking for password when starting up, even though it's set to automatically login without one. These make me suspect some sort of hardware problem, usually I would say the RAM, but I suppose it could be the motherboard or CPU as well, since all the parts are brand new. But of course I already tested the RAM with memtest overnight. Maybe the tests are not good enough.


            At this point; I'm not sure what else to try. I will try taking out one stick of RAM to see if one happens to be bad. I may also try reverting to the Microsoft basic graphics driver instead of the Intel graphics driver, to see if any graphics issues persist.

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              I have definitely ruled out the RAM.

              I tried each Corsair 8GB stick individually in DIMM slot A2, the one recommended for single stick use. I was still able to reproduce the display corruption problem.

              I even tried a Patriot 16GB stick from another machine which is known good memory. I was able to reproduce the corruption problem as well.


              So, I reverted to the original configuration with the two Corsair 8GB sticks.


              I switched to the Microsoft basic graphics driver. All the problems are gone. No display corruption, and no renaming of the HDMI input.


              Also, Windows 10 boots in about 35 seconds with this Basic driver, vs 1min20s with the Intel Graphics driver 4474. This is a hugely noticeable difference.


              However, while this is a short-term solution, it isn't a long-term one.


              1) With the basic driver, I cannot play 3D movies on my TV with PowerDVD 14

              2) With the basic driver, I also cannot use the Quicksync feature in PowerDirector for video encoding

              I could do 1) with my old Asus nVidia GT 930  PCIE x8 and the drivers weren't causing an issue.

              I bough a Z170 motherboard in part because I wanted to do 2), and also in part because I wanted to reduce power consumption.


              The old motherboard / CPU / RAM was an AMD 790X chipset, with a 125W Phenom II x4 945 CPU, and 8GB of DDR2 memory at 1.80V, and was running quite hot, with all the fans running at peak speed almost all the time in the summer. There were no functional issues, however - no display corruption.


              I would really like to make the Z170 work as advertised. Still not sure if this is a bad Asus Z170-A motherboard, a bad i5-6400 CPU, or a software issue with the Intel drivers and my Sharp 3D TV.

              I'm afraid it may be the later.

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                FYI, I connected my other Z170 machine - similar one with a Z170-AR mobo (rather than Z170-A in the HTPC) and i5 6600k CPU to the TV.

                It was also running Win10 and the latest beta Intel drivers. And same Asus BIOS revision 1902 (don't know if they are the same exact BIOS for both boards, but they share the same revision number).


                Good news - I didn't see any problem with display corruption. I did see the issue with the HDMI input renaming, but that's not really a problem.


                I don't know if I just got "lucky" as I didn't try for very long - maybe a half hour. But usually that was enough with the other machine to see the corruption. I think  I can also rule out a software incompatibility between Intel Graphics and the TV. So, I guess I have either a bad Z170-A motherboard, or a bad i5-6400 CPU.


                So, I will be taking the HTPC machine apart, and exchanging the motherboard at Central computers. I may exchange the CPU as well. I originally wanted the 6400 35W CPU, which is actually the 6400T, but was given the 6400 which is 65W. I didn't realize there were two versions of the 6400, T and non-T. Not sure if the store will allow an exchange. They do show stock on 6400T .

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                  So, I exchanged the motherboard for a Z170 Pro Gaming.

                  This is a fairly similar motherboard to the Z170-A. Almost all the connectors were in the same place, so swapping the board did not take that long.

                  The store wouldn't let me exchange the CPU, however, saying that even if it's defective, I would need to talk to Intel for an exchange.


                  So, I booted the SSD. Reinstalled the latest Intel Graphics 4474 beta driver.


                  And, lo and behold, the problem happened again very quickly. Major corruption, multiple HD graphics driver restarts very early on.

                  I'm extremely frustrated at this point. I hope someone at Intel and/or Asus can shed some light and resolve this problem soon.

                  I cannot return this hardware for a refund, so I'm stuck with it, short of getting my credit card company involved.

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                    Well, looks like I finally found the root cause - some incompatibility between the Intel Graphics driver and the Hauppauge HVR-2250 capture card.


                    If I uninstall all the Hauppauge software and drivers, and physically remove the PCI-E card from the system, the Intel Graphics operates correctly, without corruption.


                    If I have the card and software installed, I can use the Microsoft basic graphics driver. It works at 1080p.


                    However, with the Basic driver, I cannot use Cyberlink PowerDVD 14 for any movie - not just 3D movie.

                    And I can't use PowerDirector 14 either to edit movies, including the video clips captured with the Hauppauge card.


                    So, I'm pretty much stuck at this point. Looks like this is between Hauppauge and Intel to resolve. I would appreciate a private message from Intel to get this resolved .

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                      Intel Corporation
                      This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                      Hi madbrain,
                      Make sure you are using the latest driver provided with your video capture card.
                      Also, review how the previous graphics driver 4463 works with this card.
                      Let me know how it works.
                      Mike C

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                        I'm indeed using the latest driver for the HVR-2250 card. I downloaded and installed the version 3.9g software package from that page.


                        As for Intel Graphics driver 4463, that's the version I was using prior to installing the beta 4474 driver.


                        The same display corruption problem occurs with both versions 4463 and 4474 .


                        Please assist with resolution. I believe the problem lies with the Intel Graphics driver, as the issue does not occur with the Microsoft Basic Driver using the onboard graphics.


                        Also, there is no display corruption if I use my old Asus nVidia GT630 based card with the latest nVidia 368.81 drivers.


                        IMO, this points heavily in the direction of a bug in the Intel Graphics driver. It may take anywhere from 0-30 minutes of using the Windows desktop to reproduce, but it always happens eventually.

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                          Intel Corporation
                          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                          Hi madbrain,
                          Before sending your case to the upper level, I will need the results of Intel® System Support Utility. Please run the application and send to me the results.
                          Intel® System Support Utility
                          How to attach a file:
                          -Click on reply
                          -Click Use advanced editor (upper right side)
                          -Click Attach (lower right hand)
                          Mike C

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                            Hi Mike,


                            Here is the info you requested.


                            Please note that I have put back my Asus nVidia GT630 in the PCIE16_1 slot, as the Intel Graphics is not usable daily due to the display corruption.


                            I have HDMI1 of my TV connected to the Intel 530, and HDMI2 connected to the nVidia GT630.

                            I can control which one to boot from in the Asus BIOS, and which one to use in Windows, by disabling one of the 2 GPUs in device manager.


                            At the moment I collected the data with the Intel support tool, I had booted from the Intel Graphics, and disabled the nVidia in device manager. The display corruption was in full swing.

                            The Intel driver even stopped multiple times as I typed this message.


                            The corruption and driver stop issue is not related to having 2 GPUs - they are reproducible even if I physically remove the nVidia GT630 card, and all traces of nVidia software.

                            The only thing that makes the corruption and Intel graphics driver stop go away is phyically removing the Hauppauge HVR-2250 card from the system, as well as uninstalling all Hauppauge drivers.


                            I noted that the Intel SSU tool doesn't appear to list the HVR-2250 capture card, even though it is the trigger to the problem here. I don't think the file will be much use; you will need to send some trace/debug version of the drivers, unless you can get an HVR-2250 capture card from Hauppauge in house to reproduce, which would be ideal .


                            Basically , Intel 530 graphics + Hauppauge HVR-2250 = display corruption and frequent Intel driver stops

                            nVidia GT630 graphics + Hauppauge HVR-2250 = all is fine


                            I bought the Asus Z170 motherboard to use its built-in graphics and benefit from low power consumption, so I don't want to use the GT630 anymore.

                            In fact, I had a buyer for the Asus GT630, but stopped the sale as I could not get the Intel graphics to work satisfactorily in my environment.


                            I hope this gets properly escalated soon.

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                              Intel Corporation
                              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                              Hi madbrain,
                              We have confirmed with Happauge that your video capture is not fully compatible with Windows 10, that’s why you are getting issues.
                              As reference, Intel created a case number: 34217-131069 with them. The driver available is recognized but not working properly.
                              Mike C

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                                Hi Mike,

                                Thanks for your reply. Were you able to determine this by testing yourself with a Hauppauge card and Z170, or by having Hauppauge confirm the issue, or some other way ?

                                I will follow up with Hauppauge under that case.


                                FYI, the page at :

                                Support: WinTV-HVR-2250 and WinTV-HVR-2255


                                Shows that the card does support Windows 10 :

                                WinTV v7 installation package, version 3.9g

                                For Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP


                                The "v7" is is the application version, but Windows 10 is supported.


                                There is no issue under Windows 10 when using the latest nVidia 368.68 drivers with the Asus GT630 in combination with the Hauppauge HVR-2250 card.

                                There is also no issue under Windows 10 when using the "Microsoft basic graphics" driver with the Z170 built-in graphics in combination with the Hauppauge HVR-2250 card.


                                The issue is under Windows 10 when using the Intel Graphics drivers with the Z170 built-in graphics in combination with the Hauppauge HVR-2250 card.


                                Note how Windows 10 is common to those 3 cases - main the difference is the GPU and graphics driver. I don't think the Hauppauge card is incompatible with Windows 10.


                                There does seem to be an incompatibility between the Intel graphics driver and the Hauppauge drivers. I just don't know which of the 2 is at fault and needs to get patched, but based on the fact that all is fine with 2 out of 3 graphics drivers, it would seem more likely that the Intel driver needs to get patched.

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                                  BTW, I tried an OS image of Windows 7. The corruption is just as reproducible when using Intel Graphics 530 with the Hauppauge HVR-2250 .

                                  So, this issue has nothing whatsoever to do with Windows 10.


                                  And again, everything is fine if using Asus GT630 graphics instead in Windows 7, just like it is in Windows 10.


                                  This is strictly an Intel vs Hauppauge problem.

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