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    Bluetooth keyboard for NUC6i5SYH


      This goes out to any member of the forum -- I've already looked over Intel's supported devices lists.  While these lists contain tested devices they admit there may be many devices that have not been officially tested but work fine. 

      So my question is, has anyone had real experience of a bluetooth keyboard working well with NUC, especially if with NUC6i5?  Know where I can get such info?

      If so, would you be gracious enough to let me know the make and model?  Right now I'm using up two valuable USB ports on a conventional keyboard & mouse that I'd love to free up.


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          Hi kendew,
          From our end (Intel), we have a list of reported devices with NUCs. The link is
          Tested Peripherals for Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK
          Hopefully our community members can give you more options soon.
          Mike C

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            I have the Logitech K830 illuminated living room keyboard. Has a trackpad,i t works with bluetooth or with the supplied unifying dongle.

            Not cheap, around 75 euro in my country.



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              Thanks for taking the time.  It is pricey.  Has it held up well for you?

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                Yes it holds up well. The build quality is decent. If the price turns you off, you could have a look at the Logitech K400, around half the price of the K830.

                I also have a few cheap Maxxter bluetooth keyboards laying around, but I found them to be a pain, too often I had to go through the pairing process after they loose connection.

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                  I'm happy with my Majestouch Convertible 2 (blue switch). It's expensive, but once you're used to a switched keyboard, it's hard to go back to membrane:




                  If you can, try testing various switch colors before you buy, as this is very much a matter of personal preference.


                  When I first purchased the keyboard the Bluetooth connection would occasionally drop and the only remedy was to connect a USB mouse and restart the system. Obviously this was a huge inconvenience. But I don't think the problem was with the keyboard, as my Microsoft Bluetooth mouse would drop at the same time. The problem must have been with my NUC6i5SYH, or perhaps with Windows 10 Pro. Anyway, it hasn't happened in a month or two, and so I suspect the problem's been fixed by an update, either Windows or the Intel Bluetooth driver.

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                    Hi KendeW

                    I am succesfully using the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop every day.

                    In the beginning had some (no-connect) issues, but after driver update and re-install runs error free now


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                      Hi Intel community members,
                      I really appreciated your replies with the tested Bluetooth keyboards.
                      Mike C

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                        I want to add that I really appreciate the replies too.  Thanks to the replies, in the end, I settled on the Logitech K830 keyboard that I got on eBay for a little over $50.  So far, it's serving me well.  Price was a reason but another big reason for getting this keyboard is I run Manjaro Linux, and Linux is not really well supported by either Intel or keyboard manufactures.  The K830 claims to work with either Bluetooth or USB, so I decided to play it safe.  It was a good choice, as I have been unable to get the keyboard to function in Manjaro Linux, although it gets recognized fine.  I've had to fall back on the USB option, which, unfortunately requires me to sacrifice one of the NUC's USB port, but the keyboard does work well.  Like also that it requires no batteries but is rechargeable.  Still exploring some of the features and, who knows, maybe someday will get the Bluetooth working.


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                          I also just purchased the K830 for use with my NUC6i7KYK. I wanted a small/portable wireless keyboard, but since I'm using self encrypting drives, and need to enter the ATA Password into the BIOS prompt on boot, I needed a keyboard that can do that. Thankfully, the Logitech unifying receiver pairs the keyboard immediately when powered on, and the K830 works great for this purpose.

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                            Hi All,
                            I am glad your system is working as expected and thank you for use our community support.
                            Mike C

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                              Also using the Logitech k830, happy with it.

                              I'm running a dual boot Windows 10 Pro / Zorin OS 11 Ultimate and the KB works in both, either with BT or the Unifying receiver. For BIOS access I guess it must be used through the receiver.

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                                Since you are also using the K830 with Linux, maybe you can help me here.  To be honest, I've never used bluetooth with Linux, but this NUC6i5SYH does have the capability so I wonder if you'd teach me what you had to set up.  Zorin, I know, is Ubuntu based, and meant to be very Windows compatible, whereas I use Manjaro which is based on Arch Linux.  But maybe there are some similarities.  With Zorin is the keyboard automatically recognized and connected or do you have to set up something?  Also, could you tell me, in general, how Zorin is working with your NUC?  Have there been any incompatibilities?