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    Compute Stick won't boot anymore


      Stick (Manufacture date 01/2016) crashed and went into a failed to Startup Repair boot loop, issue couldn't repair, computer would not start when trying to continue to Windows 10. 


      Ran a reset, Attempted to do reset with files, reset would get to 40% reboot and bring me back to the Startup Repair screen again.  Attempted to do a clean reset of the stick, stick got to 40% again, rebooted and now not even the startup repair screen comes up.  All that happens is the BIOS screen comes up over and over.


      I attempted to put in a RMA request with the website and was unable to because I keep getting a single sign on error when submitting (been trying twice a day for the past 5 days).  I WOULD call, but the support number is in Sacramento (no toll free line) and I live in Canada.  Can you say long distance charges?  The stick is obviously finished if all it can do is run the BIOS screen over and over. 


      I would really appreciate it if someone from support would attempt to contact me, my single sign on get repaired or if Intel would provide a toll free number to call.


      Thanks in advance.