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    Do I need an expansion board to use the Intel Edison's bluetooth?




      I am new to all this, and I want to try out different things with the BLE, for instance use the Intel Edison card with different beacons (for instance iBeacon and Eddystone). I have some questions regarding that:


      * Do I need an expansion board like the Arduino and Arduino Uno to be able to use the card? Or can I power up the card without any other boards and be able to use the BLE?


      * Is it even possible to connect to these beacons? There are for instance Android apps that can read the beacons, and I think it is possible to do this from the card as well?


      * I live in Europe, is that any problem?


      * What should I buy to make this work? Is it worth to get some other sensors?


      * I will probably install Brillo on the card (and get an invite to the Brillo project), will that affect the BLE or anything?


      Is there anything else I should consider?