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    Need help setting up Raid 1




      I need help with my Raid 1 configuration.


      I have set up windows 7 in one harddisk and it is working well.

      Now I want to set up Raid 1 to mirror it.


      I have set up my BIOS settings as this.





      So I went reboot and <ctrl> + <i>.

      Here is what I see.

      The first harddisk, ending with 94, is to be my mirror harddisk.
      The second harddisk, ending with 78, is to be my primary harddisk (windows 7).




      I choose <Create Raid Volume>,

      then type a name for it.

      then choose <Raid 1>

      but after this, it skip to other options. It does not allow me to choose which harddisk is for primary, which is for mirror.


      Please advise.