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    Edison Arduino Custom Power Button Help




      So the Edison + Arduino board is my final package for my product. Very expensive, yes but it has the features I think my buyers will want.


      Now comes the question of a case/package for the unit. This product will be manufactured on demand in house so it has to be simplistic. Right now I have a power cable with a switch on it BUT! I would love to have the power button functionality that is built on the Arduino board instead. And I want it on the front or rear panel.


      Is it possible to configure the system (Edison+Arduino) to see one of the GPIO as the power button instead? That way I can run it to the case cover and put a huge LED button there for on/off/AP Mode?



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          Hello --jb,
          I have two ideas that might be of help for your project. As you may know the Arduino expansion board has a power button (I believe this is the one you are referring to), if you press it for 10 seconds it'll power off the board and if you press it again for 3 seconds it'll power up the board again. You can modify the board and solder your custom button to attach it to the product's case. Nevertheless, if you do this it would void the board's warranty, so it is not recommended.
          The second thing I can think of is that you create a custom plug for the board's main power supply, that way you can interrupt it with the power button.
          I believe the second option is the easiest one. The reason why you can't create a custom power supply using of Edison's GPIOs is because of how the power button was originally wired. As you can see in sheet 10 of the Arduino schematics (http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/boards-and-kits/000005829.html), the power button is directly connected to the 70-pin connector and it goes directly to the module.
          I hope this help.

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            That sucks. So I can't offer my end users the "easy configure" via a browser in the Access Point mode because the button is inside the case requiring them to unscrew it and sort through the wires to find it.


            If I want to make this a product to sell, what customizations would Intel offer me? Could I get the buttons left off so I can solder my own leads there? How would I get a cost estimate for something like that?



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              Another thing that you could do would be to create a button specifically to enable the AP mode and to enable your "easy configure". I mean, you can attach a button to a GPIO, then code an interrupt that runs the command "configure_edison --toggleOneTimeSetup". The first time you press this button you will enter this "easy configure" mode and the second time you will disable it.

              Using this button specifically designed for "easy configure" would be very convenient too, so you will end up having just these two buttons, power and "easy configure".

              I hope this helps you.