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    avr/io.h - No such File or directory


      Hi everyone,


      I'm using the eHealth Shield of Cooking Hacks. When I try to compile any code example appear the message "avr/io.h - no such file or directory".


      I found in this forum that:

      "I was playing with the eHealth shield from Cooking Hacks and bumped into the same problem with avr\io.h while trying to measure skin conductance using the Galileo Gen 2 board. Rather than messing with the conversion of io.h for such a simple task, I located the source code for the required functions and transferred them into a small function (I created) within the *.ino sketch file. The process was fast and painless. The results were pretty good too.

      Of course, porting the avr\io.h is the best way forward, however, for those who need to check something quickly, copying the source code into the *.ino file makes more sense."


      but I have no idea what to do. Can you help me?