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    NUC5PPYH black screen.


      I have bought 2 NUC (NUC5PPYH) and both of them have exactly the same problem, they start and do show the intel logo but nothing more. It hangs at the INTEL NUC logo and when booting from an USB, the screen gets black.


      Its an Intel NUC NUC5PPYH

      Memory: G.Skill F3-1333C9S-4GSL (Specially bought due to compatibility)

      SSD: Kingston and SanDisk 120/240GB SSD


      What did I do

      *I have 2 other NUC's here, working perfectly fine.


      Swapped the memory, same issue

      - Updated the BIOS to the latest version

      - Other SSD, same issue

      - Other USB, same issue

      - Other USB ports used, same issue.

      - VGA cable used, same issue

      - HDMI cable, different cable used, same issue

      - Connected with or without other USB/Ethernet cable same issue

      - BIOS to legacy, no results.


      *Note 1; when using Ethernet cable, it cannot find the servers. Updated manually

      *Note 2; with another TV/Monitor the same issue.




      Its urgent, since those 2 are used in an office environment replacing 2 broken PC's.

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          Have you updated to the latest available BIOS? I would do so if you haven't...


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            I have already updated the BIOS (as mentioned in the initial post ). Did nothing though.

            Also used today another monitor, with another VGA cable... Still nothing

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello arjanks:
              At this point I just wanted to let you know that basically you tried all the possible troubleshoot steps that we recommend, and this problem seems to be related to the NUC itself.
              Now, even though the memory RAM seems to be fully compatible, as an option you can use a different stick of RAM, maybe from the other 2 NUCs that are working, and the same with the SSD, just for testing purposes, it might make a difference.
              So, the next thing to do will be to replace it, in order to do that, you can check with the place of purchase and based on the warranty policy they have the might be able to replace it, or you can replace it directly with Intel®.
              You do have 3 years of warranty on it, and if you are interested in replacing it with Intel® directly, please use the following link, you just need to choose the Intel NUC on product type, and then you can choose between: chat support, phone support, or online support and they will be able to further assist you:
              Any questions, please let me know.