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    Send manageability commands through SMBus without BMC




      I bought a two-port Intel I350 NIC (vendor says "Generic i350-t2 V2"), and I wish to enable its critical session feature (also known as veto bit, keep PHY link up, and manageability session). However, it is not in a classic server installation, but rather in a simple desktop computer - I have my reasons for this, namely to be able to put the computer in suspend-to-RAM sleep state - which means there is no BMC as far as I know.


      From the datasheet, I understand the BMC would send through SMBus a specific command to enable this feature. What I'd want is to send this command from the Linux kernel instead. As of now, I see two SMBus devices in '/dev', which are identified as "igb BB", so I guess they correspond to the two ports of the card, but I have not been able to send the command to either device. As a matter of fact, I cannot detect any slave on each device (using command i2cdetect). My try program results in an error, which code from errno is "ENXIO (6): no such device or address" when I send the command. Opening the device and setting the slave address to 0x49 "works" (in the sense it gives me no error).


      So Tl;Dr: I want to send a manageability command through SMBus (or NC-SI if it'd work) without BMC, but rather from my Linux kernel or user-space. Is that even possible? If yes, how do I enable the NIC slave device?


      Thanks for your help