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    No video with STCK1A8LCF on Seiki SE39UY04


      I tried this ComputeStick on the monitor I want to use, with a HDMI to video adapter. Cycled power. LED on, then goes off when power button held. Then comes back on when power button again held.  No video. Thought maybe the ComputeStick won't work with the HDMI adapter. Tried it on my Seiki TV. No video. Swapped ComputeStick with Media Center PC. Port works with media center. Tried ComputeStick in hdmi port previously used by media center. Cycled power on and off. LED lights, goes out when holding power for a few seconds, comes back on. No video. Returned ComputeStick to newegg, and got replacement. Replacement ComputeStick behaves the exact same way. Tried all of above tests and ports. No video. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to have a microSD card installed? Do I need to have a keyboard and mouse installed to see the video? What gives? Tried it on the exact same model TV as is listed in the compatibility table. I'm stumped. Please help.