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    Intel HD Graphics Unable to see additional monitor connected through USB to HDMI adapter


      I have a Dell All-In-One 2330 that I am trying to connect a Sanyo HDTV to as an additional monitor.  The Dell only has an HDMI in port and not an HDMI out, so I am using a generic USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter to connect the two.  Windows 10 recognizes the adapter and the HDTV as well.  I know this because the HDTV shows up in display properties and allows me to set the correct resolution and set all monitors to "Extend Desktop to this Display".  I can also move my cursor to the correct  edge and tell that it goes off-screen and onto the HDTV.  All works fine except there are no graphics displayed.  I go into the Intel HD Graphics control panel and look at the connected monitors and the HDTV does not show up there.  Bottom line; everything is working for my setup, but Intel HD Graphics does not connect to the HDTV.  I'm assuming that the graphics driver just can't see a monitor through a USB port.  I guess my question is, are there any workarounds for this, or is this just something that the Intel HD Graphics driver is not capable of?  By the way, I have already loaded the latest Windows 10 Intel HD Graphics driver.  Thanks for any advice you can offer.