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    BIOS flashable image for Intel NUC5


      Dear all,


      I am trying to recover an Intel NUC5i5RY that has bricked after BIOS update; even recovery mode does not work (it did come up 1st time but then died). I have removed the BIOS from the socket and tried to read it with an external programmer but does not get detected/read (it is possible I messed it up).


      How do I make a flashable image from the .BIO files that Intel publish? I tried flashing that on a replacement BIOS chip (Winbond W25Q64FV) but naturally that did not work - silly me


      I understand I have to fix MAC address/UUID in the dump - where do I get this dump?


      (PS. I have asked BIOS recovery companies on web/eBay but all want me to provide a .BIN/dump file - obviously I don't have one)


      Please help,



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          The only way you could remove the BIOS chip from the socket is if you have a pre-production NUC, and I'm sorry to say that we cannot replace pre-production units.   All production units have the chips soldered down.  The only other option I can suggest is to remove the jumper, and force the BIOS recovery: BIOS Recovery Update Instructions for Intel® NUC and as a last resort, remove the battery to clear the CMOS.

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            In fairness I have asked for a BIOS file dump - not a replacement for it; I did mention that recovery was performed and failed after which the recovery itself was "bricked". It is a last resort to revive it before getting securely disposed for reason you mentioned. But it would be a shame.


            Feel free check account/PM me/etc if you have any concerns about the "legality" of the NUC ownership.



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              That is not something we have access to.  Only what you see already on downloadcenter, or if there's a removable BIOS chip.  I trust your ownership, it's just not something we have.  The only reason I mentioned the jumper is that there are 2 ways to do recovery, and I just wanted to make sure you knew that.  One with the power button, one with the jumper.  The NUCs do have a 3 year warranty, so if it's within that time, please create an RMA: https://customercare.intel.com/