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    Problem with my E8400


      This is my Motherboard: DG35EC and CPU Core2Duo E8400 3.0Ghz. The problem is..... my CPU never get the 3Ghz frecuency, Everest said that:  FSB Clock is 331 MHz, should be 333 Mhz, and FSB Speed 1325 should be 1333. The problem is in my board or CPU. My CPU support the 1333 FSB my board no ??, the board specs said yes, im not understand, help me please. Thanks


      (Sorry about my english im learning, im cuban)

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          333 is the specification, it's comon that motherboards aren't quite what they should be.  The 1333 is based off the 333 so if you have 331x4 you get 1325.


          Your chip is actually running at 2.98Ghz which is very close to 3.0Ghz, so you won't see any performance effects from the slightly lower speeds.

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