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    Graphics card error 2x2 beeps but replacing card doesn't solve problem


      Thanks to the MOBO forum - How to trouble shoot a MOBO I was able to step by step clear the problem....Thanks for reading this.




      Have a computer with Window 7 with a MOBO that is an Intel  DP55WP and an Intel processor Core i7 860.  Recently computer developed a dark screen with  the 2x2 beep indicating no graphics card.  Replaced the graphics card with a new GeForce GT 730 card and still get the 2x2 error beep.  Paid $100+ to have a computer repair company diagnose it and they said it was probably a bad MOBO.  I ordered a new replacement MOBO (same model) and reused the existing processor.  Problem still exists...no graphics.  Even tried another monitor although that didn't really make any sense given the beep code.  Could the processor be bad?  Any other suggestions before I buy a new computer?