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    Can I run dual 2560 x 1600


      I have just bought a new computer with an i7 6700k cpu and a Gigabyte z170 HD3P.  The motherboard only has a single DVI output although it has other connectors, but can I set it up to run my dual 2560 x 1600 monitors 60hz from the integrated graphics.  Or do I need to buy a proper graphic card? 


      I intend to run this computer using RDP from a computer with a dual DVI-D graphics card with the monitors plugged in.  So this computer will never need to have the monitors connected to it.


      Also a bit surprised that with the built in graphics it will only go up to 1280 x 800 and won't even allow me to put in the 2560 x 1600 as a custom resolution.


      (Also can I do the same for an i7 4790k PC which I run in a similar way but has a dual DVI graphics card which is starting to get a bit noisy so I wouldn't mind removing)

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          Hello DaddyofTwo:
          The Intel® Core™ i7-6700K processor is capable of using 4K resolution with:
          HDMI 4096x2304@24Hz
          DP 4096x2304@60Hz
          as you can confirm on the following link:
          The Intel® Core™ i7-4790K processor, will support the following resolutions:
          HDMI: 3840x2160@24Hz
          DP: 3840x2160@60Hz
          VGA: 1920x1200@60Hz
          To set up a dual display configuration, you can use the integrated graphics from the processor, the Gigabyte z170 HD3P has a DVI-D port and the max resolution for it is: 1920x1200@60 Hz, also it has a VGA port, and the max resolution is: 1920x1200@60 Hz also, so, you can configure a triple or dual display without the need of purchasing a video card, you just need to use those other ports, this is if at some point you decide to connect the monitors directly to the Gigabyte z170 HD3P, you can confirm that information on the following link:
          So, you can run dual configuration but, if you use DVI then the max resolution will be: 1920x1200@60 Hz.
          Now, since you are going to use RDP, we need to verify a few details:
          What is the model of the PC that has the 2 monitors attached to it, because that PC will be the source, and the configuration will depend on it?
          What is the model of those 2 monitors?
          In addition, please fill the information from the following chart, so we can have more details about your system configuration:

          CategoryQuestionsAnswers (N/A if not applicable)
          DescriptionProvide a detailed description of the issue 
          Please place an X to the right of the option showing how often you see this issue using specific steps. (Ex: 'Every few times a game is started it flickers.' <- This would be "Often")Always (100%):
             Often (51-99%):
             Sporadic (20-50%):
             Very Sporadic (<20%):
          Hardware (HW)Brand and Model of the system. 
          Hybrid or switchable graphics system?
             ie Does it have AMD or NV graphics too?
          Make and model of any Displays that are used to see the issue (see note2 below).
          = Local Flat Panel (Laptop panel)
             EFP = External Flat Panel (Monitor you plug in)
          How much memory [RAM] in the system (see note2 below). 
          Provide any other hardware needed to replicate the issue.
             ie: Cables&brand, cable type [vga, hdmi, DP, etc], dock, dongles/adapters, etc
          Hardware Stepping (see note1 below). 
          Software (SW)Operating System version (see note2 below). 
          VBIOS (video BIOS) version. This can be found in “information page” of CUI (right click on Desktop and select “Graphics Properties”. 
          Graphics Driver version; for both integrated Intel and 3rd party vendors (see note2 below). 
          SW or Apps version used to replicate the issue. 
          ConfigurationsSingle display, clone, or extended (see note2 below). 
          Display resolution & refresh rate setting of each display (see note2 below). 
          AC or DC mode, i.e. is power cable plugged in or not? 
          How to reproPlease provide steps to replicate the issue.  These steps are very crucial to finding the root cause and fix.
             A screenshot to illustrate the issue is a huge plus. A video of the failure is even better! Attach to the post or provide the YouTube link.
          Any questions, please let me know.

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            Hello DaddyofTwo:
            I just wanted to check if the information posted on this thread previously was helpful for you, and also if the problem was resolved or if it still persists?
            Any questions, please let me know.