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    pcie nvme drive is set readonly/write protected. i've been using the drive six months to a year and now i can't even format the drive. no changes have been made in the past 3 months (Shy windows 10 updates)


      disk partition shows as:


      Current Read-only State : Yes

      Read-only  : No

      Boot Disk  : No

      Pagefile Disk  : No

      Hibernation File Disk  : No

      Crashdump Disk  : No

      Clustered Disk  : No


      admin supposedly has read/write according to windows (so running something as admin; i still get write protection can't save files to the disk)


      i've tried setting permissions; and using diskpart to clear the read only flag. Then I tried copying the files off to another drive and formatting (Couldn't get the files to copy.)

      Then I tried formatting (can't- disk is write protected.)


      not sure what to try next. any suggestions?

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