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    Nuc6i5syk outputs only 4k@30hz on miniDP with intel drivers




      my nuc6i5syk cannot display 4k@60hz through mini display port after I installed intel HD graphic drivers or Only 4k@30Hz can be selected

      If I do not install the drivers and use windows 10 default driver then 4k@60hz can be selected. But Iris 540 performances are then impaired without the proper drivers.


      Does anyone have a solution to run 4k@60hz?


      I run windows 10 x64, latest version

      Bios 045

      all drivers updated

      Display is a dell 2415q, connected via Display port. It outputs 4k@60hz with other computers

      Mini-DP to DP cable outputs 4k@60hz with other computers.


      Thank you for reading