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    Gen 5 i7 NUC boot/POST problems.


      I have been having a problem with my NUC NUC5i7RYH since I unboxed it last year. About 50% of the time during boot/POST I get what look like video sync errors. Once the NUC gets to the graphics mode or Windows all is well from that point. The problem was considerably worse with my old Dell UP2412 monitors and Windows 7 but still persist as seen below with a new SSD, clean install of Windows 10 and a new Dell UP3216q monitor. I have kept up will and installed all updates to date, BIOS, chipset, video, etc. What I would like to know at this point is if this is something unique to my NUC (possible hardware issue) or is this something common to the platform? I have not seen any mention of this type of issue on the forum to date. Thanks.



      Good boot:



      Problem boot: the failed startup screen that gives you the option to start in safe mode or start normally is usually not readable as shown below. I have to keep rebooting until the sync is right. Very hit or miss. The BIOS splash screen used to consistently generate this error but recent BIOS updates seem to have addressed that segment of the problem.