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    Exhausted all other possibilities. It must be the processor?


      Hi everyone,

      I recently built a new computer and it’s been giving me a devilish time. I’ve put it through the ringer and have come to think that the issue must lay in the processor. What I’m dealing with is shown here:

      • I7 6700K cpu
      • 4 GSKILL Ripjaw 16GB memory
      • EVGA Z170 Classified K mobo
      • Quadro K5000 gpu
      • 1000W EVGA P2 psi
      • Windows 10

      The problem I’m having is that after installing the graphics card drivers I get driver errors that lead to a crash. After rebooting, the computer will begin to load windows (the Windows 10 dots spinning in a circle) but freezes before progressing to the login screen. The card works in another computer, and I also experience the same issue using a GTX680 that also works in my other setup. In additional troubleshooting, I tried using another Classified K motherboard, but this provided nothing new. The last thing I tried was installing the latest Intel graphics driver. While troubleshooting the motherboard as a possible issue, the EVGA support tech said there could be an issue with how the processor handles the graphics card. Is there something with it that could be the issue? I’m running out of ideas.

      I should mention that the computer boots without issue in safe mode, but that’s a moot point.

      Thanks in advance.