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    Nuc's (5PPYH) crashing with RDP if dual monitor are used




      at the office of one of my clients I have replaced all old PC's (Old Dell's with 1GB of ram and single core Pentium CPU's) with NUC's. Since they work 'in the cloud', as in they work on a virtual desktop remotely hosted on Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter, I figured the 5PPYH should be more than plenty powerfull for them.



      - Intel NUC5PPYH
      - 4GB DDR3 Crucial (CT51264BF160BJ)
      - Kingston HyperX Fury 120GB SSD

      - Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

      - Dual HP E232 Elite displays (one wired to VGA, the other to HDMI)


      Using RDP with two monitors connected results in multiple random freezes a day. The only way to get the NUC going again is to reset the NUC (forced shutdown and reboot), after which I can log in to the RDP session and resume work as if nothing happened... until it crashes again, sometimes in minutes, sometimes after a few hours.

      Two other workstations that have been replaced earlier don't have the issue that the NUC's have, (They are HP Prodesk's running Windows 7). If I log the users in on those machines with  multi monitor setup, there are no crashes.

      The whole machine freezes, not just the RDP session. CTRL-ALT-DEL no longer work (they are mapped to the local machine, not the remote) and the mouse cursor freezes up. No BSOD, no error message, nothing... I have left the machines in frozen condition for over half an hour, in the hopes a BSOD or error code would show up, but nothing. The Windows log also contains no errors after the crashes. I wished it gave a code so I could give more information, but allas...

      Please help, I'm pulling my hair out...

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