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    All games crash on NUC 6i7kyk + Windows 10?




      Recently just purchased a NUC 6i7kyk off of newegg and installed Win 10 Pro on it this afternoon.  After downloading all of the available Microsoft updates, and all of the driver and BIOS updates from Intel - I was displeased to find most games crash upon launch / shortly after starting to play.  During the crash, I would sometimes get a notification from Windows 10 about the display driver stopped working / etc.


      Not too familiar with what logging and triage information you would need - but anything that could be provided for me would be nice.  Ideally I would have this setup playable within the next two weeks, I purchased this so I could take it up for a LAN happening soon.


      Also, if this indeed just a software issue with Windows 10 - I might consider just running linux for the time being.  I don't want to sit around all day re-installing stuff, so I will eagerly wait for some replies here.


      Thanks -


      quick edit:


      - Games tried so far : Dota 2, Rocket League


      edit #2:


      When Windows blue screens, it gives me the following keyword : "VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR"


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