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    My processor has a heat problem.


      Hello, I am an owner of i7-4790K processor. I built my computer myself. It's been almost a year when I purchased a new core i7, and started to notice some heat problem.
      At first my cooler was "Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO", which most recommenced to me as a good one for gaming and stuff. However, my processor always been pretty hot in games.

      80-89C were the highest most of the time. The games weren't that strong. Also I notice some spikes at idle time every time, it's just randomly jump near to 65C for a millisecond and then comes back to normal. and I not even touching my when it does like that.

      I was asking a lot about that, some people told me that I didn't apply thermal paste correctly, and I tried to reapply it 3-4 times (did it with 2 methods: dot method and spread one with thin layer) . Didn't help, then I thought maybe my cooler wasn't placed properly.

      Reapplied him 3-4 times too. Didn't help either. Then I bought a water cooler "Corsair water cooler H75"  thinking maybe cooler master wasn't enough to cool that beast. Thermal paste was reapplied so I didn't mess with it, placed exactly as it was on the video on youtube. However, my processor still has spikes every time,and it get to 73-76 when I play games.For example I have HWmonitor open which show me the current temps and the temps that were recorded as the highest. 30-33 now, and they been spiking to 55-56 just randomly. Spikes got little bit lower than it was with a cooler master, and the gaming temps too with a water cooler. But still, it's too high in my opinion. People who have these water coolers, getting temps no more than 50-55 playing strong games. I know that this processor max temps can be over to 100C, and its okay to have high temps like this. However, I am not really pleased with this temperature. Have a good airflow with two new Noctua as a intake and exhaust. Oh, and yeah. I did a stress test once and it gave me 100C within a 10-15 seconds, not even got to a minute.

      Meanwhile people can do it hours and still get 75-80 temps. I Never overclocked none of my hardware.

      What can be a cause, and what should I do with this?


      My specs :

      Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97X Black Edition.

      Graphic Card: GTX980ti Hybrid.

      CPU: i7-4790K (said it before )

      RAM:16GB 1866 DDR3

      Windows 8.1 64bit.